Friday, June 26, 2015

US investor wants to buy Formula 1 for seven billion $

US Investors Wants to Buy Formula 1

The Formula 1 is talking, at least for the financial speculators. Around seven billion euros could change hands if US billionaire Stephen Ross is serious in its attempt to take over the pinnacle of motor sport. An elusive sum considering declining TV ratings, alarmingly empty grandstands at the race tracks and the ruling by the Mercedes-dominance monotony.

Not easy to understand even in the face of (little energetically denied) statement of Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone marketers. "I was recently with some engineers together," the 84-year-old was quoted as saying after a meeting with the French news agency AFP, "and I told them: I have been all my life a good seller, but now you gave me a shitty product given. And I have to bring to the man. "
As for the quality of the product formula 1, it appears under the potent investors but to give significantly more nuanced views. On the change of ownership should money not fail in any event. The 75-year-old Ross, firmly integrated in the global property market (but it also includes the Miami Dolphins of the NFL American football professional league), is estimated to be a personal fortune of six billion euros. In addition he shall maintain, according to findings of the "Financial Times" good contacts with the Qatari Sports Investment (QSI).
Ross wants to take along with the Qataris, owner of the French football master Paris Saint-Germain, first 35.5 percent of the London firm CVC Capital and its chief Donald Mackenzie. Among the nearly five CVC percent of Ecclestone. Owner of Formula 1 since 2005, the company CVC Capital Partners, one of the ten largest Kaptitalbeteiligungsgesellschaften the world. In the medium term the QSI acquisition of the entire Formula 1Anteile. The QSI company braid includes 17 percent of the VW group.
Ecclestone, it is said, is for the time being continue to lead with his experience operations. Especially for markets in China and the US, the Briton was important. In both nations, but the Formula 1 only plays a minor role so far. To what extent there Ecclestone could remedy, remains a mystery.What in principle also applies to the often mentioned as a successor to Red Bull team boss Christian Horner. The 41-year-old Englishman feels that though as "very flattering" but does not yet been located. "My mission is to bring Red Bull back on the victory trail. But how can you predict what will happen in the future around you," said Horner.

Ecclestone and CVC Boss Mackenzie will do two things.First: Check the authenticity of the offer. Secondly eagerly expect, without losing sight of the development possibilities of Formula 1 in mind. On the other hand: After almost ten years, the investment is likely to have expected, not least because of the annual dividends worth hundreds of millions of the Formula 1 revenues.

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